Introduction to Solid State Physics
Instructor:  i, Office: A213-1
Textbook: Introduction to Solid State Physics, the 8th edition, by C. Kittel
Grading: homework (30%), midterm exam (35%), final exam (35%)
TA: T 
Required background:  Fourier analysis, quantum physics, statistical physics
Solid State Physics, by H. Ibach and H. Lüth
Solid State Physics, by N. Ashcroft and D. Mermin (graduate level, but very good!)
The first semester covers the basics of solid state physics (click to get pdf files)
        Chap 1 Crystal structure
        Chap 2 Wave diffraction and the reciprocal lattice
        Chap 3 Crystal binding and elastic constants - skip
        Chap 4 Phonons I. Crystal vibrations  
        Chap 5 Phonons II. Thermal properties 
        Chap 6 Free-electron Fermi gas 
        Chap 7 Energy bands 
        Chap 9 Fermi surface and metals 
The second semester covers various independent topics
        Chap 8 Semiconductor crystals  
        Chap 10 Superconductivity  
        Chap 11 Diamagnetism and paramagnetism 
        Chap 12 Ferromagnetism and antiferromagnetism 
        Chap 13 Magnetic resonance - skip
        Chap 14 Plasmons, polaritons, and polarons << new
        Chap 15 Optical processes and excitons
    Chap 16 Dielectrics and ferroelectrics - skip