Chia-Hung Vincent Chang


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Physics Department
National Taiwan Normal University
, Taipei, Taiwan
Telephone (02)7734-6038


Associate Professor of the Physics Department

I am an associate professor in the Physics Department of the National Taiwan Normal University. My research specialty is the theoretical physics of elementary particles and quantum fields, especially the phenomenology of the standard model, extra dimension physics and other beyond standard models.


The Courses I teach

General Physics 普通物理甲


Particle Physics  


Lectures I gave

2015 Nobel Prize


The following is my current interest and ongoing projects:

Extra Dimension Physics
It has been a long held belief that the gravitational force is too feeble to have an impact on particle physics at the weak scale. But why is it so weak? The idea is to assume the existence of n compact extra dimension plus 4 noncompact spacetime. All the matters are to live in a three dimensional membrane, called brane, but the gravitational force line can escape into the n extra dimension. Assume that either n is large or the size of the extra dimension is large compared to particle size. For example n=2 and the size is about 0.1mm or n=3 and the size is 10-7 cm. Anyway, the gravity field lines are too spread out that the gravitational force between matters becomes extremely weak, as we observed.

2.  Supersymmetry (SUSY), symmetry breaking and Low Energy Phenomenology
Supersymmetry is a beautiful idea that not only cures the "naturalness" problem of the Higgs mechanism in Standard Model and also unifies the physics of bosons and fermions. The latter property render huge predictive power which is only recently discovered. By holomorticity, non-perturbative property of SUSY gauge field theory can be calculated. This could have strong impact on our understanding of symmetry and symmetry breaking property of quantum field thery. Currently we are concentrating on how this predictive power can be used in the discreet symmetry, like CP, in a SUSY gauge field theory. On the other hand, one of the most urgent problems facing SUSY is how to break it as it has to be. Attention has turned to the dynamical symmetry breaking mechanism lately. However the models built so far are still too clumsy to be true. I plan to study the phenomenological implication of SUSY dynamical symmetry breaking and also try to improve on the models realizing this idea.

3.  Neutrino Physics


My Education:

  1. 1983-1987 NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY, Taipei, Taiwan, Bachelor of Science degree in Physics, June 1987.
  2. 1989-1995 HARVARD UNIVERSITY Cambridge, Massachusetts, Ph.D. degree in Physics, June 1995. Doctoral thesis adviser: Howard Georgi.

My Experience:

  1. 1995-1997 POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH in the Physics Department of National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan.
  2. 1997-1998 POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH in the Physics Division of NSC Center for Theoretical Sciences, Taiwan.

A full Curriculum Vitae in postscript format is available.

Recent Papers

I maintain an archive for research papers. You have the choice of browsing the abstracts, or downloading LaTeX, or Postscript versions of the papers.

Family Information

Chia-Hung is married to Shan-Shan Guo. They have a 20 year old daughter, Connie.

Address Information

Physics Department
National Taiwan Normal University
Taipei, Taiwan

Telephone (02)7734-6038