Herng Yao          


Univ. of California, Irvine
9-1983 ~ 6-1987
Univ. of California, Irvine
Electrical Eng.
9-1987 ~ 6-1988
Duke University
9-1981 ~ 6-1983
National Tsing-Hua Univ.
Applied Math.
9-1977 ~ 6-1979
National Tsing-Hua Univ.
9-1973 ~ 6-1977


National Taiwan Normal Univ.
         8-1994 ~                     
Univ. of California, Berkely
Visiting Scholar
8-1996 ~ 7-1997
National Taiwan Normal Univ.
Associate Professor
8-1990 ~ 7-1994
Academia Sinica
Research Associate
4-1989 ~ 7-1990
Univ. of California, Irvine
Research Associate
 12-1987 ~ 3-1989 


Refereed Papers
                                                            Particle physics
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                                         History and Philosophy of Science 
1. H. Yao and C.R. Huang (2003), "The Primitive Meanings of Kepler's Ellipse Law for Planets", Scientific Education Monthly,  256, p.33- 45.
Conference Papers
1. H. Yao (1992), "Spectator and non-spector models in the B meson systems", (German-Chinese Symposium on Medium-Energy Physics), eds., K. Goeke, W.Y. Hwang and J. Speth (Plenum, New York, 1993). 
Research Reports
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